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Current State of the Diablo 3 Bot?…

Diablo 3 Bot Guide eBook Launch!!

Diablo 3 Bot Guide - Drone Warfare

For the first 5 days only, you have free access to this eBook to celebrate the launch!! Feb 28th – Mar 4th.

So I got down to business with my 2013 goals and I am proud to announce an eBook dedicated to mastering your Diablo 3 Bot and maximizing your profits along the way!! This eBook is formatted for the Kindle platform but can be viewed on any device that supports the kindle viewer software. Check out more information in the video below.

I decided to put pen to paper after I had been receiving a lot of emails asking for more help and background about getting into botting.…

PS4 Diablo 3 Breaking News!

The Big News: Diablo 3 on PS4 AND PS3

Playstation and Blizzard announced a “strategic partnership” on Wednesday 2/13/2013 that can only mean the surfacing of Diablo 3 on PS4 and PS3. If we know Blizzard and Playstation, that means gobs of couch gaming, micro-transacting, cheeto chomping new Diablo III accounts! I would expect to see Call of Duty-esque numbers for sales riding on such a big franchise name and legacy. The best part about this is that Blizzard has actually turned Diablo 3 into a game that has more sustainable content.

Why is PS4 and PS3 Diablo 3 Launch News good for the Diablo 3 Bot community?…

Diablo 3 Bot: DemonBuddy Guide for Starters – Install Plugin

Congrats you have a profile running! Time to install the key plugins.

Plugins are a way that the botting community can expand the functionality of the bots. There are plugins that do everything from talking in chat to salvaging items for crafting materials. These plugins make youre life easier because they take work and time out of the equation, but it’s important to make sure that your entire Diablo 3 Bot setup is compatible.

Key Plugins

Giles Trinity is an amazing plugin that comes with a more intelligent set of “looting rules”. This means that you will find less junk in your stash and your bots will now keep save the valuable items.…

Diablo 3 Bot: DemonBuddy Guide for Starters – Final

Before you “Set it and Forget” it like a cooking utencil, you will need to have a Diablo 3 Bot Account for longer term than one day. What are your options?

Cost to Continue with DemonBuddy: 25 euros

  • You will need to purchase a longer term license to bot ongoing. 25 euros for 1 year is standard for Demonbuddy but the software is also available for a lifetime purchase or a bundle purchase.
  • Make sure to test out the trial period for at least an hour or two so you have a good feel if this Diablo 3 bot is right for you.