Diablo 3 Bot: DemonBuddy Guide for Starters – Profile Setup

Directions to setup a profile for the Demonbuddy client to start botting:

I am going to recommend starting out gold farming act 3 in Nightmare or Hell. This is usually a checkpoint that people will have on their main account because they actually played the game. The barrier to enter here is low, you will see decent initial returns, and you will not die frequently. This will be a good way to build you knowledge of botting so you can optimize for future botting.

  1. Go to the DemonBuddy forum / Profiles / Act 3/ and look for Core + FOS. Download the .zip file. At the time of writing, the link is Located Here
  2. Create a folder inside your “DiabloBot” folder, and call it Profiles.
  3. Unzip the Core + FOS file into your Profiles folder.
  4. You need to have the Core of Arreat level 2 and Fields of Slaughter checkpoints for this to fully work.
  5. In the main tab of Demonbuddy client, hit the load button and locate Core + FOS.xml file and hit open.
  6. Make sure your Diablo 3 account is logged in, and has the Kill Azmodan quest selected.
  7. Click Start on Demonbuddy main tab and then select the Bephlegore combat routine from the pop-up selector.
  8. Your Diablo 3 account should join a game after 3-15 seconds and then start running the selected profile. Congrats! You have a bot up and running. Take a few minutes to watch how the bot works initially.

Next Step Install a Plugin:

We will spend more time optimizing the bot and your character for efficiency by installing a few key plugins here.

… or go back to the previous tutorial: DemonBuddy Installation

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