Diablo 3 Bot: DemonBuddy Guide for Starters – Installation

Quick and Dirty Guide:  How to start your Diablo 3 bot

I am going to walk you through what works to start you out.  I will bring you up to speed first on a program called DemonBuddy that has taken all of the heavy lifting off your shoulders.  As an aside, I plan to post a comparison to the different botting programs available to help you make an educated decision.  Let’s start simple and cheap though.  Since all the information is scattered, I have compiled the quickest starter guide here.  Would it help to have a video for this?

What is needed for DemonBuddy?

Know your Hardware:

Are you 32-bit or 64-bit processor?  You need to know this to install the correct software package.  Go to StartMenu-> Right click Computer-> System and look for System type.


  1. Diablo 3 installed and updated to connect to Blizzard servers.
  2. Microsoft .NET Framework 4 – Download Here – This is a software framework that allows for many different programming languages to talk to each other and is necessary for many programs in Windows.
  3. Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package – Download Here – This is a programming language pack to be used by .NET framework.
  4. DemonBuddy Updated Release – Available Here

Cost to Start with DemonBuddy: There is now a free trial. Previously was $1.30 or 1 euro

  • I’m assuming you already have a Diablo 3 account.  Sunken cost. – $0
  • You will need to purchase a license to a botting software.
  • I would recommend trying out the 1-day license offers and seeing how you like it. – Free trial, $1.30, or 1 euro.

Directions to get Demonbuddy to attach to your D3 account:

  1. Install Microsoft .NET framework 4 and then Microsoft Visuall C++ 2010 Redistributable Package.
  2. Download the latest version of Demonbuddy and extract the zip to a folder on your desktop.  You can name it whatever you like, I’ll use a folder called BotDiablo.
  3. Purchase a 1EU (~$1.30) license key to DemonBuddy.  This will be good for one day but you can test out botting to make sure you like it.
  4. Open Diablo and log in.
  5. Open Demon Buddy and log in with the license key that you bought above.
  6. DemonBuddy will ask to attach to your opened Diablo 3 account.  Accept this.  Congrats!  You are almost on your way to botting.

To learn how to install a profile, continue here. The profile will control which path and act that your bot will farm your items and gold.

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